I'm Jordan, and this website is a rough draft
only for testing. I make things:

Who am I?

I'm a [javaScript]-year-old high school student.

I'm a web and Arduino developer. (This website is my work.)

I'm someone who's eager to help.

The birth of a website

Start with an idea.

Generally, my pages are built out of necessity, utilites that make my life easier. dev.jrmann.com, for example, was a way for me to host various services I made.

Sketch it out.

dev.jrmann.com Original mockup for dev.jrmann.com.

I'm just as interested in web design as I am in web programming.

I start with simple animation and layout markups for a week or so before writing code.

Then, I sketch a basic HTML layout, top to bottom, fill in CSS transitions/animations, and trigger those changes with JavaScript.

I try to work in "vanilla" web languages only without frameworks or libraries; I find it makes my work cleaner, easier to manage, and (sometimes) more creative.